Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Art is fun...

I've been enjoying looking through some of my old art journals lately.  I enjoy spending quiet time taking in the images I created for times in my life that those images needed to be made.  Most of them were made for times where I was sad, scared, confused or frustrated.  Some though I made to make me smile and I really enjoyed coming across this one again. 

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Saturday, April 6, 2013


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


My favourite way to create is to go about it blindly.
I never know what I'm doing.
I describe it as giving in and going with the flow
and watching what unfolds.

It always feels like a part of me deep inside 
is being acknowledged and given a voice.
The process grounds me.

This image was created in my art journal.
I started with a layer of gesso to give texture to my papper
and to build it up so I could add layers to it without it dissolving.
I then added torn pieces of paper from books and magazines.
I simply chose the pages and images that stood out to me
and tore them out and glued them down where they
seemed to want to be placed.
The key for me is not to think about it at all and I find my
mind is quiet and not criticizing.

I chose paint colours that jumped out at me 
and kept adding layers.
I then left the image for a few hours.  
Once I came back, a face quickly jumped out at me.
I then added more layers of paint and pencil
to allow the image to come out more.
Intuitively I felt when I was done and I stopped.

Looking at the image now I feel connected to it.
Yes I made it, but it is more than that.
I feel that is connected more to my subconscious.
The image is giving a voice to a part of me
that rarely gets to speak freely.
I usually gets "shushed", ignored or criticized.
But here it gets a full page spread in my journal.

When you sit to create, do you have an idea of what you 
want your finished image to look like?  What process
do you enjoy following the most?