Friday, February 24, 2012


I've been reading several other Blogs out there since I've got this one up and running.  I'm enjoying navigating through the labyrinth of links and finding little gems to stir up my creative side.  Yesterday I stumbled across a Blog by Jess and found a fantastic project that she had started that asked for her readers to participate in.  It is called the Inspiration Deck Swap.  At first I was disappointed because it appeared as though I had just missed the deadline to participate, but I  contacted her and she told me that she had extended her dates a bit and that I was now on her list.  Yay!  I realized I was so excited to do something with my art supplies again.  I started on the project right away...amidst making lunch for my kids...(hey, you take anytime you can right?) and I must say...this girl was happy to get glue and paint all over her hands. find some inspirational quotes or sayings to add to you have a favourite one?

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