Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Inner Child

I recently went through some of my old art work books that I created while I was in my Art Therapy training and this image really stood out for me.
While I was in school the theme of  my "inner child" really dominated several of the art pieces that I created.  My instructor was amazing in guiding me through the process of working with my inner child and allowing her a voice through my art, which in turn brought me healing.
What I enjoy most about looking through my old work is seeing the pieces instantly reminds me of the emotional content of the images...more so than if I had just written about about the events.  Even now looking at this image I struggle to find the words to describe what it stands for...but it speaks for itself.  Trusting the process and allowing the images to come through is the magic with Art Therapy.   Helping my clients feel safe in the experience so that they may feel supported to create their own images which in turn helps them in their healing is my greatest responsibility. 

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