Monday, June 3, 2013


This week in one of my sessions I decided to make art.  I don't usually do this.  It makes it hard to be present for others when I am immersed in my own art making.  This day felt different though.  The group was very small for varying reasons and there was only one girl who came.  I decided to make art along side her.

The directive we worked with was thinking about if there is an animal we feel connected with and to explore why.  Creating a representation of the animal along with what it would need to survive helps to connect us with different parts of ourselves and encourage self-nurturing and self-care.  She created a butterfly.  It was colourful, whimsical and had the word "Freedom" printed boldly across the top.  She shared how butterflies make her think of several different things and that for her they represent spirituality. 

I shared with her that I have always been drawn to wolves.  I love their mysterious nature, how they are strongly family oriented and beautiful but also misunderstood.  I took care of my wolf and gave him shelter, water and rocks where his den may be along with his family.

This week doing art with a client felt right.  We worked beside one another and then shared our images and in turn shared a bit about ourselves; it worked out well.

Have you ever done work along side your clients?  Do you regularly do so or just when it "feels" like it is what is needed?  Would love to hear about other people's experiences!

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