Saturday, March 10, 2012

Being Flexible

I've come to realize that if I am going to keep the commitment to myself to do something creative everyday, that I am likely going to have to share my creative space.  I have two young boys and when the youngest is napping is a great time for me to get creative.  My oldest is encouraged to find some "quiet time" activities to do on his own during this time, but he usually migrates over to my space and asks if he can join in.  Part of me wishes I could just get into my own little bubble and not be interrupted with questions about what I am doing, why is the glue stick not coming out, why am I using the black pen that way and when am I going to be done.  But in the end I am usually able to create something despite the barrage of questions and really being flexible with how that happens is still letting me meet my needs of making art. Besides, it is allowing him to explore his creative side too. It also lets me be very grateful for the times I can create on my own and use that black pen any way I want :)

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