Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Garden

I spontaneously started creating this drawing tonight and when I began I was honestly thinking of my "to-do" list (not very inspiring I know).  Every little "burst" I was creating was reminding me of things that need my attention and I've been feeling a bit pulled in different directions and unsure as to where to start.  But as I kept working on the piece it shifted and changed into something else.  I quickly saw the "bursts" as flowers and as a whole, they then create a garden.  My "to-do" list transformed into a great metaphor.  As in a garden, each one needs care and attention to thrive and for me to reap the benefits.  I feel my list is a bit less daunting now somehow...and my image ended up very fitting for the first day of Spring!

1 comment:

  1. Nice Garden! I needed to see some flowers. My Garden is under a whole bunch of snow and more snow. For the first day of Spring we got some more fresh snow.