Monday, March 26, 2012


My favourite way to create in my art journal is to just sit down and start.  I try to let the art material chose me.  I usually am drawn to one more than another and I try not to question it.  Then I begin.  I have no idea what I'm creating, I just let it happen.  I try to not think about the image too much and really I try not to think of anything too much.  Before I know it something has taken shape and I sense when the image is "done".  It is then that I reflect. 
With this image I thought of layers, which lead me to think of my internal emotional layers.  I see them as fluid, ever moving, allowing different things to come up at different times.  Some are more dormant and may require less attention, while others seem to come up more often encouraging me to take a closer look.
With my art journal it is about the process.  It's letting myself be creative without judgment.  It is a time that I set aside just for me to self-reflect and learn. 

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