Thursday, March 1, 2012

What do you most need?

It was perfect timing when I read "In order for you to feel more free with your creative work, what do you most need?" a question asked by Awaken Creatvity, a site I follow on Facebook.  At the time I was in my local library at a work station with my laptop in tow.  I had booked this day as a "work day" to allow myself to focus on my new adventure of being an entrepreneur.  I have two small boys at home and finding time to focus on myself, my new business and my creative side gets the back burner most days to say the least.  Turns out when I pondered the question above, what I determined I need is a quiet space.  I need to be able to get into my bubble and get lost in the moment of being creative.  I know I've had a good productive/creative day when I look at a clock or out a nearby window and I am surprised by how much time has gone by or how much the sun has changed position in the sky.  An experience that happened to me today!  So...what is it that you most need to feel more free with your creative work?

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