Friday, April 6, 2012

A Creative Kick In the Pants...

Sssssshhhhhhhhhhh...I have decided to participate in a creative community called "21 Secrets" at Dirty Footprints Studio.  I only joined yesterday and I must say I'm blown away at how well the workshops are set up.  I have a year to meander through all the material and plot my own creative journey through art wonderful does that sound? I plan on sharing my discoveries on here as I explore the courses, I hope you'll keep an eye on me, it helps to keep me motivated!

I am challenging myself to lead as much as a creative life as I can since I feel that part of me has been tucked aside for too long.  I have had some creative opportunities, but making it a focus has not been the case.  I believe as an art therapist I have a responsibility to create and reflect.  It keeps me focused and allows me to explore my own emotions.

This piece is part of the "Word Play" workshop by Christine Mason Miller and this lesson was called "Let the Words Lead You".  It is a simple exercise that gently guides you over the page and leads you through a creative process.  I will be using this technique again and believe it would be fantastic to do with clients.   I would give you more info on the workshop but remember...sshhhhh...they are secrets!  You should go check them out :)

 P.S. Here is how it reads...

"Hey, nurture your creativity today!  To me, see it as a gift, to you.  The young man, yes, he is watching and this is a vital link to his creativity.  Your sudden creative flow is an unconditional admiration for inspiration and gratification in art". 

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