Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Working Through Frustration

If you are like me, you probably find that you hold on to your frustration for a little too long and stew in it.  I play things over in my head and think about the event that has gotten me frustrated and it can take me awhile to just let it go.  Being inspired by the project "Journaling our (He)art Out" I sat with my frustration and did something a bit more proactive with it.

I began by writing out in words what was eating away at me.  This alone was therapeutic and by the end of the page I noticed I had started to write things that were more positive.  I took it further though and covered up my words in pink (for me, the colour pink usually speaks to my vulnerability in my artwork).  I chose to leave the words somewhat visible though and reflecting on that I guess that for me it conveys that I am not forgetting the issue but working on it.  Then before I knew it I had created boxes all over the page and I kept letting my creativity lead and the next thing I was doing was adding the figures (inspired by Leah Piken).  Reflecting on the image now they represent different perspectives that I could choose to use to look into my frustration.

The last elements I added were the words "FORGIVE" and "ACCEPT".  I wasn't quite there yet, but I was a step closer to it after doing this piece. 

Lastly I found myself decorating the page more and honestly not feeling the frustration as intensely as when I had started.  I had given it a voice, worked through it and let it go.  Much better than holding it and stewing over it don't you think?

This is how art can work as therapy :)


  1. i love the different figures (or postures) in the boxes...i think it's much more dramatic when we see only portions of the person, the way you did it. Love the limited color too. Yes, i totally agree. Are saves. :-)

    1. Thanks for your feedback pauline, I appreciate it :)