Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Find The Time

Enjoy the process;
allow yourself to be in the moment
and create.

If you allow them to, 
things will seem to magically appear, 
celebrate them!

This is a little piece I created as a new front cover to one of my smaller art journals.  I wanted to make it a bit more inspiring since it will be a little place I come to create.  Lately I've really tried to just go with things and not over think them or plan them out too much.  I've been collecting things I've stumbled upon that have great visual material in them to help get me started.  My local library has been a great source (no, I'm not cutting up their books), well I guess I am, but they are the ones they are selling for $1 and are no longer in circulation.  Some are great simply because they are old and I love the smell of the paper and others have quirky images riddled throughout that are fun to cut out and use for doing collage work.

I've also been inspired by some beautiful altered books as journals.  Here is a recent example I read up on that was posted on Katarina Thorsen's Blog, how inspiring is that?  I found a great sized book on Beethoven that has wonderful images in it that I think I will explore as an altered book.  Every page seems to have little gems on it that I could use to get inspired and some pages I will probably Gesso right over and cover them with my own images.  I'll keep you posted on how that project goes!

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