Sunday, April 15, 2012

Instant Inspiration Monday

Every Monday I will be inviting you to share an image of something that sparked your creativity or a project you are currently working on.  When you see something that inspires you, simply take a photograph of it and then come by on Mondays and share the URL to your image here.  You can link directly to your Blog or to such programs as Instagram, Photobucket and flickr.  I look forward to seeing what has inspired you, it will likely inspire me too!

Following a wooden path in the woods...the metaphors are endless for me.


  1. Here's my Instant Inspiration Monday Contribution! :) Love this idea!

  2. Great contribution Gretchen, thanks for posting. I've added your link to the Widget, hope you don't mind, it makes it even easier to people to visit your page :)
    I've been very tempted by the Smash books (especially since Michaels has them on sale right now here).
    I've been bitten by the art journaling bug to say the least, I think they are a fantastic tool to use personally but have fantastic potential to use with clients therapeutically.
    Thanks again for posting this week!

  3. I take a lot of photos or snapshots rather and they inspire my stories on my blog. I hope to join you weekly. Terah from CED

    1. Love the way you use your photos in your story telling! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your posts and it looks like I may be learning more about being a Cowgirl :)